Annukka Gruschwitz, finnisch-deutsche Illustratorin und Diplom-Kommunikationsdesignerin, lebt in Renningen in der Nähe von Stuttgart in Süddeutschland. Sie erstellt Illustrationen u.a. für Magazine, Werbeprodukte, Verpackungen, Postkarten und Lernmaterialien sowie Plastiken, Skulpturen und Objekte als Filmrequisiten, Veranstaltungsdekoration oder Privataufträge wie Portraits und auch freie Kunst. Zusammen mit ihrer Schwester Tina Gruschwitz betreibt sie seit 2010 das Grafikbüro tikka design, das Corporate Design, Printprodukte und Webgrafiken für Unternehmen und Kulturveranstaltungen gestaltet, und ist in einem lebendigen Netzwerk als Freelancerin für verschiedene Agenturen und Grafiker tätig.

Annukka Gruschwitz, Finnish and German illustrator and graduate designer, is based in Renningen near Stuttgart in southern Germany. She makes illustrations for magazines, advertising, packaging, postcards and teaching materials as well as sculptures and objects as props, scenery for events or private commissions such as portraits, and also art. In cooperation with her sister Tina Gruschwitz she runs the design studio tikka design, where they create corporate design, print products and web graphics for companies and cultural events since 2010. Furthermore, she freelances for various agencies and designers in a vivid network.
Growing up in Germany as the daughter of an engineer, she spent a lot of time in hardware stores and assisting her dad constructing things. This aroused her interest and trained her in working with various materials and building functional objects. At the family of her mother, nurse/artist, north of the arctic circle in Finnish Lapland, she explored the mystic woods, spent bright nights at the lakes and colorful dark days under northern lights. Surrounded by nature, culture, design and an artistic family, she educed her drawing skills, which, after completing internships at several design agencies, lead to graduating at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. Today, she combines the analog and digital world and works in both 2 and 3 dimensions.
When there is free time, she likes to make more art, meet her friends and family, go dancing, ride the motorbike or play ukulele.

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